New features and quick tips to improve your reporting

We've added a few little features to rapidreport to make your reports sexier and easier to use.  Firstly, each section and graph are fully customisable - the sections that you start with are just our default templates to get you going, but you can have what ever you want.  Click the little pencil to change the title.   With the sections, you can click on the little green circle to change the colour of the section, it makes it easier to break down the content.

change colour charts.jpeg

So what does this mean? Well the default marketing graph of "visitors" is only really relevant to a startup which is selling services through a website (like VetChat) but is less relevant for a B2B (like BenchOn).  So if you're a B2B business, consider using other metrics which are valuable to you and share an accurate assessment of where your business is going with your shareholders.  This could be number of pilots, number of corporates engaged, number of active users, number of licensed seats, number of beacons installed etc etc.

The information you present is used by your stakeholders to understand how well the business is going, and so make sure you select the right metric that does this.